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17 BLG Attorneys receive honor of being named "Florida Super Lawyers" for 2009

June 18, 2009

Banker Lopez Gassler is proud to announce that the following attorneys have been deemed "Super Lawyers" by Super Lawyers, Law & Politics: Robert E. Banker, Joseph K. Lopez, Frank H. Gassler, Donald S. Bennett, Cecil L. Davis, Jr., Charles W. Hall, John A. Krentzman, Donna Tisch, Allen K. von Spiegelfeld, Matthew B. Wheeley, Jeffrey P. Winkler, James G. Biggart, II, Robert Bourgeois, Richard K. Bowers, Jr., David L. Bresler, Mark C. Greene and Mark E. Hungate.

Attorneys named in the "Star Search" category were Gregory A. Brooks, Mitchell R. Golden, Nisha Waranch, Mitchell R. Golden, Gregory B. Lower, Dale L. Parker, David F. Pope and Wallace C. Von Arx.

Ganesh L. Chatani, Jeffrey M. James, and Les H. McFatter were deemed "Rising Stars".

Finally, in the Corporate Counsel category, 16 BLG attorneys received this honor: for May 2009, David L. Bresler; for July 2009, L. Robert Bourgeois; for September 2009, Robert E. Banker, James G. Biggart, II, Richard K. Bowers, Jr., Cecil L. Davis, Jr., Frank H. Gassler, Charles W. Hall, John A. Krentzman, Joseph K. Lopez, Bradley E. Powers, Donna Tisch, and Jeffrey P. Winker; for November 2009, Donald Bennett, Mark E. Hungate, and Matthew B. Wheeley.

Super Lawyers, Law & Politics conducts a three prong review process in selecting its "Super Lawyers", including peer reviews and independent third party research. The goal of the research is to provide a diverse, yet comprehensive list of attorneys deemed to be outstanding in their fields.