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Brad Powers and Brock Johnson Receive Defense Verdict

January 9, 2014

Bradley Powers and Brock Johnson just completed a three day, uninsured motorist trial in Pinellas County. The Plaintiff claimed injuries from a 2007 motor vehicle accident which required a cervical fusion surgery. The Plaintiff’s past medical bills totaled nearly $180,000 and he asked for several hundred thousand more for pain and suffering. The jury returned a verdict of only $25,000 in past medical bills and $85,000 in past pain and suffering. There will also be post verdict set-off’s that will significantly decrease the final verdict.

While liability was admitted, the case was defended on the issue of causation and the reasonableness of the claimed medical bills. Due to the moderate impact of the accident, along with the Plaintiff’s chiropractic neck treatment prior to the accident, the jury did not fully agree with the Plaintiff’s claims and returned a favorable verdict.

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