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Brandon Scheele and Matthew Easterwood Obtain Outright Defense Verdict

December 18, 2013

Brandon Scheele and Matthew Easterwood obtained an outright defense verdict on December 12, 2013, after a four day jury trial in an admitted liability auto accident case in Hillsborough County, Florida. 
The accident occurred in a parking lot when the Plaintiff's vehicle was hit by the Defendant's vehicle as it was backing out of a parking space.  The Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries as a result of the impact and sought damages for past medical treatment and future neck and back surgeries that the Plaintiff's doctor testified the Plaintiff would need.  Past medical expenses were over $50,000 and the cost of future surgery and treatment exceeded $800,000.
The jury found that the Defendant's negligence did not cause the Plaintiff's injuries and returned a zero verdict in favor of the Defense.
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