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Dale Parker ,Troy McRitchie obtained a defense verdict after a two day trial in Hillsborough County

October 15, 2009

After being rear ended by our client, the Plaintiff claimed that she sustained permanent injuries and became addicted to pain medications. Several facts were not lost on the jury, to wit: she & her husband ran a pain management clinic; she had taken/obtained over 3200 tablets of oxycodone in the two years before the accident; the accident was precipitated by the Plaintiff stopping and going in traffic for no apparent good reason other than to get rear ended; her lawyer was the registered agent for the now defunct clinic; and her ever changing story about the amount of med bills owed to her own clinic.

After being out 30 minutes, the jury returned with a verdict in favor of the defendants finding that there was no legal cause for the Plaintiff's claimed addiction. Of note, the McRitchie / Parker trial team were assigned the defense of this litigation only 60 days prior to trial.
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