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Jesse Gubernat and Elizabeth Dehaan Obtain Outright Defense Verdict

April 24, 2015

Jesse Gubernat and Elizabeth Dehaan obtained an outright defense verdict in a 2-day auto negligence trial in Lee County, Florida.
The parties disputed whether the minor rear-end accident caused the Plaintiff's injuries. The 37 year old Plaintiff had a herniated disc in her low back for which she underwent two lumbar fusion procedures and subsequently developed a MRSA infection requiring 6 weeks of antibiotic IV therapy. The Plaintiff requested past medical expenses over $220,000. She also requested damages for past and future pain and suffering and requested $1.3 million from the jury in total.
The jury returned a complete defense verdict finding the Defendant did not cause any of the Plaintiff's injuries. The Defendant is now entitled to recover his fees and costs from the Plaintiff.

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