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Terry Ford and Michael Bird Receive Defense Verdict

July 1, 2016

Terry Ford and Michael Bird received a defense verdict in a one day jury trial in Charlotte County, Florida.
The Plaintiffs were on a motorcycle and came to a stop for a red light.  Our client was in a small SUV and came to a stop behind them.  An uninsured motorist then rear-ended our client, resulting in significant property damage, and propelled her  SUV forward into the rear of the Plaintiff's motorcycle.  Our client's SUV was then pushed over the Plaintiffs resulting in significant injuries.  The Plaintiffs' medical bills were well into the six figures.  The Plaintiffs filed two separate lawsuits stemming from the accident that were eventually consolidated for trial.  The trial was bifurcated to address liability only.
At trial, the Plaintiffs asserted our client stopped too closely to the rear of the motorcycle and that, as a result, she was pushed into and over them.  They also asserted that our client's foot came off the brake and possibly pushed the accelerator.  On behalf of our client, we asserted that the uninsured Fabre Defendant was solely responsible for the accident and that our client was not negligent.  After 15 minutes of deliberation, the jury agreed and found our client was not negligent.  Fees and costs will be assessed against the Plaintiffs due to expired Proposals for Settlement that were not accepted early in the case.
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