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Adam Kantor and Roland Hermida declare victory in Polk County Slip and Fall Trial

June 4, 2009

Plaintiff, a 59 year old woman, slipped on water that had accumulated on the floor from customers who were getting ice from the store 2 days post hurricane Jeanne at a local grocery store. Additional pallets of ice were obtained by the store and were placed inside, where it was alleged that they leaked as patrons carted them out the door. The store was still on emergency power and many locals were still without power.

The Plaintiff claimed over $150,000 in medical expenses, most of which related to a spinal fusion performed by a local neurosurgeon at University Community Hospital. The Plaintiff asked the jury for over $600K.

While still denying liability, Mr. Kantor suggested that the reasonable medical expenses were actually $10,321.74. The jury awarded the plaintiff those medical expenses, plus $2500 for past pain & suffering & $0 for future pain & suffering, also finding the Plaintiff 95% at fault.

The net verdict was $641.087. However, valid proposals for settlement were filed by the defendant, entitling the defendant to tax fees and costs.
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