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Significant Favorable Decisions Affirmed on Appeal

June 3, 2009

Attorneys in our Pinellas office defended a case involving a student who sued a school board for negligent supervision when she was attacked by other students after they all exited the bus at a bus stop. The Banker Lopez lawyers obtained summary judgment in the school’s favor, arguing that the school did not owe a duty of care to students who are no longer on its property. The firm’s appellate team then had that judgment successfully affirmed when it was appealed to the Second District.

Our attorneys also recently represented an uninsured motorist carrier involving a motor vehicle policy containing a term requiring the insured to sue the tortfeasor and join him in any lawsuit for UM damages. The insured did not comply, and instead sued only the insurer. The trial judge determined that the violation voided coverage. The Baker Lopez appellate team was successful in having that decision affirmed on appeal to the Second District.