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St. Petersburg Honors Its Judicial Assistants

November 1, 2011

The judicial assistants of Pinellas County were honored at the Eighth Annual Judicial Assistants Appreciation Banquet, hosted by the St. Petersburg Association of Legal Support Specialists.

Chief Judge Thomas McGrady opened the October program in St. Petersburg after dinner with welcoming remarks and added his appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the circuit’s judicial assistants.

Jason R. Moyer of Banker Lopez Gassler P.A., spoke on behalf of the St. Petersburg Bar Foundation and discussed the “Heroes Among Us Award” program, named the 2012 recipients, then discussed the “Unsung Heroes,” otherwise known as our judicial assistants.

Each judicial assistant was introduced and presented a gift from the members of SPALSS. Several judges, attorneys, and staffers also attended the event to show their appreciation for the judicial assistants.