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Zilak and Parker Receive Defense Verdict In Admitted Liability UIM Case

August 17, 2018

Nathan Zilak and Dale Parker recently finished a three day UIM trial with admitted liability in a collision involving minor damage to the Plaintiff's and Defendant's vehicles..
The 34 year old Plaintiff claimed a lumbar herniation at L4-5 and incurred over $80,000 in chiropractic care and pain management bills including radio frequency ablations and facet injections.  The pain management doctor predicted $460,000 for future pain management care.  Plaintiff's surgeon recommended a lumbar fusion at a cost of $125,000.  The defense medical expert found a new lumbar herniation after the accident which was not present on the pre-accident films and related treatment to the accident.
Plaintiff requested a verdict over $790,000.  The defense team argued that the medical bills were overstated and were able to get the Plaintiff's surgeon to admit that he accepted 15-30% in full payment on his charges.  They then applied this reduction in arguing the reasonableness of the claimed medical care.
The jury returned a verdict  less than 15% of the requested amount.
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