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St. Petersburg attorneys obtain defense verdict in percutaneous disk surgery case

April 19, 2012

Adam Shelton and Jamie McKean obtain defense verdict in percutaneous disk surgery case.

In a 3-day trial on damages only, Plaintiff incurred 104,000.00 in medical charges for a myriad of medical procedures including injections, manipulations and culminating in a percutaneous discectomy. Plaintiff sought the entirety of the medical bills along with future medical expenses of nearly $500,000.00 for additional lifetime treatment—including a laminectomy and fusion. Despite a requested verdict in excess of $600,000.00, counsel for Defense obtained a verdict of $32,000.00 for the insured client. Post-trial motions are pending for set-offs of nearly $40,000.00 and the Defense had an expired proposal for settlement of $7,000.00. Plaintiff’s lowest demand, pre-surgery, was $100,000.00.
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