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Troy McRitchie and Jason Meyers Defense Verdict In Pasco County

September 8, 2015

Troy McRitchie and Jason Meyers obtain a virtual defense verdict in an admitted liability case following a five day jury trial in Pasco County.  The Plaintiffs were a married couple that was in a rear-end collision with significant property damage.  The Defendants admitted liability for the accident, but disputed that the accident caused any permanent injuries.
The Plaintiffs claimed over $90,000 in medical expenses for epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablations, and chiropractic maintenance. The surgeon testified that the injuries were permanent, they needed ongoing pain management, and they both needed surgical fusions. The Plaintiffs sought almost $2.6 million in damages for their medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.
The jury disagreed with the Plaintiffs. After deliberating for almost three hours, it found that there were no permanent injuries as a result of the accident. The jury award less than 80% of the past medical expenses and a small amount for future medical expenses. The jury awarded no damages on the claims for lost earnings and pain and suffering. The Defendants will seek reimbursement for their attorney's fees and costs based upon triggering their proposals for settlement. 
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