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Carlo Marichal Receives Favorable Verdict In Admitted Liability Auto Accident Case

August 29, 2022

Carlo Marichal obtained a favorable result in an admitted liability auto accident case after completing a four-day trial.
The plaintiff was t-boned by Mr. Marichal's client in Naples, Florida. After the accident, the plaintiff was transported to the hospital by EMS, and she returned a couple of days later. Plaintiff complained of injuries to her knee, neck, and lower back.  She also claimed she suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. She received two rounds of medial branch blocks to her lower back, PRP and Kenalog injections to her knee, two sacroiliac joint injections, and occipital nerve blocks. She incurred over $145,000 in medical bills and received a continuation of care plan that estimated future medical expenses in excess of $1,000,000.
The defendants denied that the plaintiff suffered a permanent injury, and they contested that the majority of treatment was not related to the accident. In closing argument, the plaintiff asked the jury for $3,863,922.75.  The jury only awarded the plaintiff $248,491.75, which was well below the defendant's offer prior to trial.
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