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Jeff Bell and Carlo Marichal Receive Defense Verdict in Miami-Dade

July 24, 2017

Jeff Bell and Carlo Marichal obtained a favorable verdict for their client in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
The client was a guard dog company that placed dogs at different locations.  One of the locations was burglarized, and the dogs were let loose.  Plaintiff took the dogs into her yard for five days while she allegedly looked for their owner.  On the fifth day, one of the dogs got into an altercation with Plaintiff's dog.  Plaintiff intervened, and her toe was three-fourths severed.
Plaintiff sought $1.35 million at trial.  The jury awarded Plaintiff approximately $6,000 after finding Plaintiff 85% at fault.  The verdict triggered our client's proposal for settlement.  Thus, Plaintiff will end up owing Defendant's reasonable attorneys' fees and costs for not accepting the pre-trial offer to settle.
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