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Bell and Marichal Receive Defense Verdict In Miami-Dade County

June 28, 2016

Jeff Bell and Carlo Marichal recently received a defense verdict in a 5-day premises liability trial in Miami-Dade County.
The Plaintiff fell on the Defendant's property and suffered a broken hip.  The Plaintiff received an open reduction internal fixation surgery.  The Plaintiff alleged the fall was due to an overflowing grease trap. The Plaintiff relied on statements made by two "acquaintances" who allegedly witnessed the grease trap overflowing for days and three paramedics who testified that the floor was slippery.  The employees from the company that maintained the grease trap testified that on the date of the incident, the level of the grease trap was normal as it was checked and that the grease trap had never overflowed.  The client also testified that the grease trap had never overflowed.
The Plaintiff asked for over $1,000,000 in damages.  The Defendant maintained it was not liable.  After less than two hours, the jury returned a complete defense verdict.